Picmonic Lite

Introducing Picmonic Lite (PicmLite): a simple speedy version of Picmonic’s core learning experience on the web built in new cutting edge technology.

With PicmLite, you can Search/Browse the Library → Play a Picmonic → then Quiz yourself.

As of now, that’s it, all the bells and whistles are stripped out to ensure it’s cheetah fast.
We’ll continue to add in missing and important features that you deem necessary, so please let us know through the feedback button on the left navbar of Picmonic Lite.

PicmLite works on computers, tablets, and mobile devices on most internet browsers (Chrome/Safari preferred). Jumping back and forth between Lite and Full Picmonic isn’t a problem. Your stats will sync automatically, but make sure you refresh your browser (you can’t be logged into both simultaneously). As PicmLite is in Beta, it might have some bugs, please let us know if you run into any issues.

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