Study Anytime, ANywhere

We’ve made Picmonic flexible to adapt to your busy day, so you can make any moment a study moment (even offline).


Never Waste a Study Moment

With our mobile app, you can easily review Picmonics anywhere you are. With other study tools, you would never be able to study on the train, in line, or while waiting for the bus.

Whether you study using the web or mobile app, Picmonic tracks your progress throughout. So you have the flexibility of web and mobile mnemonic learning, along with web and mobile exam prep.



Available for IOS & Android

Picmonic's mobile mnemonic learning apps make every Picmonic available to you on your iOS or Android device.
Quickly review and quiz yourself, and leverage the power of a spaced repetition app in your daily routine (Daily Quiz)
Use Playlists to quickly study hundreds of picture mnemonics in 'Offline mode" or enjoy continuous play of audio in "gym mode".
Print an entire Picmonic Playlist and create a custom workbook for taking notes and studying anytime, anywhere. Print & Go is only available with Premium plans (non-monthly).

What Students Say

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Sam S., Med student West Virginia University School of Medicine

You guys are doing awesome in helping me with my STEP1 prep. I can tell that lots of time and hard work went into making it. You guys almost cover 100% of what I learn in medical school. I wish I had kept a list of suggested content updates this app has been great, and I use picmonic every day. I use this so much and plan to use it even more during dedicated. The phone app is definitely clutch!

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Bryn W. RN Student Charlotte, North Carolina - Carolinas College of Health Sciences

I use Picmonic for all my nursing subjects and so far it has been a great help. I’m a visual learner so this fits me well. The mobile app allows me to study on the go and is very convenient!