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“Best Study Aid”

I just wanted to compliment you all on creating such an amazing resource for visual learners in medical school! I have KILLED my block exams so far because of all of you! It truly is a magnificent product. It really just helps me keep little details straight—something that is important to accomplish before Step preparation. I want to assure you that there are people like me who love it and use it regularly.

“Best STEP 1 Prep”

265 because of you!
Picmonic is what helped me survive my boards and Step 1 exam -- I cannot recommend it enough to my classmates.

“Best STEP 2 Prep”

While it may sound like an exaggeration, I owe picmonic for the majority of my success throughout medical school. Not only was picmonic invaluable for both STEP 1 and 2, but it helped immensely when getting pimped by attendings on clerkships. I found that the things I had learned through picmonic were always the easiest to recall when asked questions under pressure.
My biggest regret about Picmonic is that I did not start using it sooner. I am so grateful for Picmonic!!! Picmonic was a life changer! Made review easier and more fun to learn than PowerPoints or flashcards.
Picmonic was a great help for me for learning biochemistry for Step 1. Particularly learning all the different biochemical pathways, catalytic enzymes involved, and associated diseases. I recommended it to many of my friends who wanted to learn the biochemistry as well.
Picmonic has been instrumental throughout my med school journey. I may have not been the top of my class but these bizarre picmonics have helped me remember heart murmurs, brain vasculature and more. When I don't have it I feel lost lol. I always end up coming back and hope this will help me overcome the hurdle of STEP 2 CK! Thanks picmonic I <3 you!
Picmonic helps me to ACE my school exams and Uworld questions. Picmonic is really a life and time saver!
Picmonic has a picture for most everything and follows the USMLE pretty faithfully. It's great when you're stuck on a concept that just isn't sticking.
Picmonic was my number one resource to prepare for step 1 and 2 and without it I wouldn't have done nearly as well.