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Medical school can be stressful, and we have your back. We’ve collected resources and advice from med students like you (and professionals who have been in your shoes) to help you along your journey through bugs, drugs and wards.

50+ Visual Aids


Our most popular infographics cover tough to remember facts and timely topics in memorable, visual form.

7+ Interviews


Interviews with successful practicing physicians who achieved dream USMLE Step 1 scores. Part of the Mastering Medicine series hosted by Ron Robertson (former med student and CEO of Picmonic). 

6+ Tutorials


Find out how to study with the Picmonic Learning system efficiently and effectively, so you can remember more in less time.

6 month to STEP Workbook


Prep for Step 1 (or COMLEX) like a boss. Over 100 pages: Timeline, Calendar, Top 50 need-to-know high-yield Picmonics, 50 full color printable Picmonics and more. 

50+ Topics


We’ve created playlists that include topics aligned to what you are studying.  A built in study plan that’s free for you to use.

80+ Articles


 We regularly invite upperclassmen, professionals and our subject area scholars to write articles that can help students succeed on their journey through medical school.

What Students Say

Picmonic is research-proven to increase retention 331%, helping nearly 1 million students remember more in less time. Enjoy less stress and more success!

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Jessica F. Tucson, Arizona - University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson

Medical school is difficult because of the amount of information and the speed at which you have to learn it. Having resources like Picmonic makes it so much easier to tap into my own learning style to retain information more effectively.

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Eric S. Chicago, Illinois - University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

I just wanted to compliment you all on creating such an amazing resource for visual learners in medical school! Out of everything I use to study, Picmonic helps me lock it in long-term. I have KILLED my block exams so far because of all of you! It truly is a magnificent product. It really just helps me keep little details straight—something that is important to accomplish before Step preparation. I’m not sure how popular Picmonic is, but I want to assure you that there are people like me who love it and use it regularly.

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Ryan W. Mesa, Arizona - A.T. Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona

I can't imagine what my first few years in medical school would have been like without Picmonic. At first, I was overwhelmed with all of the details we were responsible for and Picmonic helped make one of my hardest classes, Microbiology, one of the classes I performed best in.