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Picmonic is an efficient and effective way to  review and master high yield facts for board exams and more.  Find out how medical students use Picmonic to go beyond other popular tools to maximize their success.

Sketchy Medical

Students often use Picmonic to fill in the gaps that Sketchy does not cover, and will review for exams using Picmonic's concise videos and spaced-repetition quizzes.


Students use Pathoma to gain a stronger conceptual understanding of the material, and Picmonic to cement in the details. Picmonic quizzes are also useful after watching Pathoma videos.

First Aid

Get the most out of First Aid when you use Picmonic. With the most coverage of any visual learning tool, students use Picmonic alongside First Aid for topics you're struggling to remember by memorizing key facts and details.


Answering board-style questions will identify areas that you need to review. Use Picmonic for efficient review to lock in the details.


Students add Picmonic to Anki cards and create smart books. Find out how a second year scored 275 using both resources, together.


If you're using Osmosis, you can easily access Picmonic to help cement the details and master each topic.

The Most Comprehensive Visual Learning Resource

How does Picmonic compare? 

1. Picmonic is the only research-proven study resource for med students. 

2. Picmonic is often viewed as a more comprehensive alternative to other picture mnemonic learning tools, given its comprehensive coverage and flexible, customizable features. 

3. Picmonic is preferred by medical students because it easily integrates with other popular tools.  

4. Nearly 1 million healthcare students have used the Picmonic learning system to date.

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Preferred by Med Students

Nearly 1 million students have used Picmonic to boost grades, ace exams, crush STEP/COMPLEX and remember more in less time. It’s the only research-proven picture mnemonic visual learning tool.

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Zac G. True Blue - St Georges University School of Medicine

Picmonic’s short videos are what set them apart from other medical school study-aid resources. When I need to cover a lot of ground, and gain those little extra bits of knowledge just before an exam, Picmonic is my go-to. On several occasions, it wasn’t the countless hours of review in front of a textbook, lecture slides, or whiteboard, that helped me recall an answer to a question, but a Picmonic that literally only took 2 minutes to review. Picmonic hones your medical education with the edge of recall.

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Parth S. Buford, Georgia - Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia Campus

When I came across Picmonic, I was able to be much more effective in my studies. Why is that? Not only did the pictures and the storyline stick longer in my brain, but I could also add notes, images, and videos into each Picmonic. Picmonic is like having a unified study source where I can get information more effectively in a shorter amount of time!

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Student Med Student

Sketchy is missing many things you need to know. I turn to Picmonic for learning Biochemistry, vitamins, embryology, musculoskeletal system. The quiz feature is an added bonus that helps me retain what I’ve learned.

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Kristen R. Jackson, Mississippi - University of Mississippi School of Medicine

I wish I would have used this my M1 year. That was my hardest year. I actually used Sketchy for the entirety of my M2 year, and I didn't consider using Picmonic until I started to seriously study for STEP1. I originally got it only for biochemistry, but I ended up using it for every subject. I wish I had a time machine to tell my young self about this resource that makes studying enjoyable. It filled so many spots neglected by Sketchy. I also love the ability to make your own. The world is opened up to every hard subject becoming easy. I've also told many people that don't like longer Sketchy videos to use Picmonic. Great videos, great variety, and new stuff available all the time!