Integrating Picmonic Into Your Classroom

You inspire and fill your students’ minds with valuable knowledge every day. Many educators already know that Picmonic increases the effectiveness of what they teach by helping a new generation of students remember more of what they learn. And students agree!

Successful students are the product of dedicated and committed faculty and staff. Our “picture-mnemonics” with built-in recall and spaced repetition based quizzes have helped educators across the country help their students reach their goals, by increasing student confidence and performance.

Who can resist wacky characters, outrageous pictures, and a humorous story that ties them all together, especially if they can help students remember and recall important information up to 331% longer?

Here are a few suggestions on how Picmonic can work in your classroom and lectures: 

Integrate Picmonic with your institution’s Learning Management System (LMS)

After interviewing hundreds of nursing educators we’ve learned that their millennial nursing students:

  1. are not doing the assigned reading 
  2. come to class generally unprepared
  3. expect instructors to provide “edutainment” 
  4. struggle to retain what they learn in class
  5. are consistently distracted by social media

On a mission to support nursing educators with these challenges, Picmonic now provides a FREE Learning Management System app (Canvas/Moodle/Blackboard) enabling you to embed highly effective and engaging Picmonic content in your assignments. Students love these mnemonics, the short video format and the review quizzes and quiz challenges, and by providing your students easy access through your LMS they will come to class more prepared, they will be entertained, and they will remember the critical knowledge required to pass exams and excel as competent healthcare professionals!  Even better, this app includes full LTI functionality, Single Sign-On & Grade Book data syncing.

Want to get your class or institution started for free today? Please fill out THIS FORM and we’ll create your “LMS consumer Key and Secret” then send you instructions.

“I implemented a Picmonic quiz and video in Canvas for my nursing students OB content and it was very well received! It transferred well into the grade book too. I also created a custom Picmonic Playlist and it was extremely easy to post a that quiz on Canvas in their module. The basis of Picmonics is amazing and I would have paid substantially more for access when I went through nursing school! I truly appreciate all of your support and what you do for students. Picmonic has been a game-changer for several of our students!” – Magan Edwards, MSN, RN @NACC Nursing

Get Access For Your Students

Considering an institutional license or evaluating resources for your academic success center? Pilot Programs, site-wide licenses and bulk purchases are available. We’ll help you determine which option will best suit your needs.

Create and share Playlists with your students

Create Picmonic Playlists relevant to your current lessons and share them with your class.

    1. Log in with your 100% Free for Educators Picmonic Premium account
    2. Head to Browse or Search in your navigation bar.
    3. Find a Picmonic you’d like to add to your Playlist and click the Add to Playlist icon or click the More (“…”) icon to choose which Playlist you’d like to add your selection to.
    4. To add a set of content to a Playlist, just find the relevant subject or book and drill down to the set you’d like to add, click the More (“…”) icon, then Add to Playlist and select the Playlist you’re building

To share Playlists:

    1. Click the Playlist icon in the left navigation bar
    2. Click the Playlist you want to share
    3. Click the More (“…”) icon in the top right, then Share, then Share via Link, and copy this URL.
    4. Paste this URL into your Course Notes, your Learning Management System, and/or wherever else is convenient for your students.

Now when you create the perfect playlist for upcoming course content or an upcoming exam your students will immediately begin singing your praises from the rooftops.


Taking Picmonic Quizzes with your class

If you’re able to integrate Picmonic with your school’s LMS like Canvas, Moodle or Blackboard, assigning Picmonics and subsequent quizzes to your students is easy and you can even see how they scored!

However, you can also log into your 100% Free for Educators Picmonic Premium account, display the Picmonic on your projector and play it for your whole class, and then take the quiz together afterward.

Assign a Picmonic of the Day

With over 1000+ topics, there’s sure to be a Picmonic for the content you’re teaching tomorrow. Simply browse our library or search and play the relevant Picmonics in class, send your students a link (see “Create and share Playlists with your students” above), or include it in an assignment through your LMS.

Play Picmonics at the start of your lecture to kick things off in a fun way, or during the lecture to provide that edutainment your students crave!

Embed Picmonic characters in your slides

Don’t have time to include Picmonic videos and quizzes during class? You can easily embed our fun characters into your lecture slides to provide visual memory anchors for your students that create a mental scaffolding proven to improve retention. Then hyperlink back to pertinent Picmonics so that your students can study them in their own time.

Check out our quick guide on how to do this:

Printing Picmonics

Print&Go in More Menu

With your educator account, you can print whatever Picmonics you like. There is an option to print them with a section to write down notes, or without. This is a great way for students to brush up on the content they’ve already learned by using Picmonics to massively improve retention, and the handout can serve as a quick study card!

You’ll find the option in the More (“…”) menu within Browse and Search.

You can print out a 2 or 3 card note view, then do what you please with it. If you don’t see the Print & Go option in the More menu, drill down into the content further.

You can very easily do many of these things by integrating Picmonic with your LMS!

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